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Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

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Founded in 2008, The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico is dedicated to serving the transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary communities in the state of New Mexico. Your donation will help fund the critical work that TGRCNM is doing.

TGRCNM has conducted Transgender 101 trainings throughout the state of New Mexico to bring awareness and visibility to transgender people and allow employers, students, providers, law enforcement, and community members to gain an introductory understanding to what challenges transgender people face in their day to day lives. Learn more about training.

TGRCNM also runs a drop in center 6 days a week to serve the most marginalized people in our community. We try to provide a space where people can be comfortable to be themselves and create community and family. People can access food, counseling, clothing, legal support, social support, basic necessities, transportation and emergency assistance, in addition to many other services that help people navigate their daily lives. Many people would go without food, love, and social services and support if they did not access our drop in center. Learn more about our drop in center.

TGRCNM also offers peer support groups for all ages. These are essential for people to learn from each other as well as support each other through their journeys to be their most authentic selves.Learn More about our groups.

TGRCNM can't thank you enough for your support of our programs. With your help we can help change the world we live in to be better for everyone. 
Thomas L D donated $10.00

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