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Extremists have waged attacks against the civil rights of anyone they consider “different,” using lies, fear, and dangerous policies to put lives at risk. They’ve targeted asylum seekers, Muslims, survivors of sexual violence, people of color, women, and transgender people.

These attacks are coming at a record pace. By NCTE's count, they've attacked trans rights more than 80 times in the last two years alone. (And it doesn't even include the 100+ state and local anti-trans actions). These attacks range from permitting employers to fire people simply for being trans to allowing health care providers to refuse treatment to trans people. This is not OK and must be stopped.

The extremists are well funded, and we need to be, too. We need your help. Please donate to NCTE today so we can fight these attacks head on. The extremists are not done—and neither are we. 

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is the nation's leading social justice advocacy organization fighting for life-saving change for transgender people. NCTE advocates to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. In the nation’s capital and throughout the country, NCTE works to replace disrespect, discrimination, and violence with empathy, opportunity, and justice.

NCTE envisions a society in which transgender people not only survive, but thrive, with accepting families and communities, full self-determination over their identities and bodies, and freedom from disrespect, discrimination and violence. For this vision to become a reality, we must also create equity, equal opportunity, safety, health, and economic well-being for all people over their entire lifetimes.

By employing a variety of strategies and building lasting relationships, NCTE has a proven record of combating anti-trans policies while advancing positive policy changes for the trans community at the federal, state and local level. 

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