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Give OUT Day 2016:



Transgender Law Center

$30,709.00 contributions
925 donors


You have the power to create a better reality and build a better future for trans and gender nonconforming people across the country.

For the past three years hundreds of people, like you, opened their hearts and made a $10 donation which added up to thousands of dollars to help the Transgender Law Center secure significant prize grants and raise critical financial support to expand our work.

Last year, Give OUT Day donors made it possible for us to open an office in the South and hire two new staff, Asa King, Southern Regional Staff Attorney, and Micky Bradford, TLC@SONG Regional Organizer. Micky and Asa are shared staff with our sister organization, SONG (Southerners on New Ground) in Atlanta. We are combining our legal strength with SONG’s powerful organizing network to transform the Southeast through strategic campaigns and projects.

Having Micky and Asa on board has been crucial in our efforts in the South to address the surge of anti-trans legislation and ballot initiatives that fuel the epidemic of violence toward trans people, especially trans women of color, sweeping the country.

That’s why when you donate $10 to TLC on Give OUT Day, you are engaging in powerful activism to create a better reality and build a better future for our communities.



Right after the tragic shootings in Orlando, Isa Noyola - TLC Director of Programs – flew to Orlando to work with the community there. We were able to hire Isa in 2014 from the funds raised from Give OUT Day that year. So you can see how your gifts are put to use right away.

Thanks to challenge gifts totaling $16,000 from Tamsyn Waterhouse, Jason Franklin, the Simpson-Asprodites family, Steve, Susan and Caleb Thronson, Jacob Richards, Leslie Richards, Min Matson, Kris Hayashi, Nancy Otto, and anonymous donors, $10 of the first 800 donations to TLC will be TRIPLED!

In 2016, Your Give OUT Day donation will:

1) bring more skill-based trainings to educate local trans leaders in the states facing anti-trans legislation and ballot initiatives such as Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington State.

2) increase public awareness and understanding of the lives and struggles of trans youth leaders and their supportive families by creating powerful and compelling videos that tell their stories, thereby changing attitudes and building empathy for the challenges trans youth face.
Here is an example of one of the stories:

3) continue pushing Positively Trans’ groundbreaking work of centering the voices, needs, and leadership of our trans and gender nonconforming community members living with HIV/AIDS so that they can drive advocacy and prevention efforts locally and nationally.

4) educate government officials about the specific needs of trans women in immigration detention facilities, many of whom are placed with men and experience extraordinary violence and discrimination at the hands of other detainees or detention officers.

This video created by Human Rights Watch showcases the work of our Detention Project who are working on this issue.


Thank you for your support of Transgender Law Center. You are making a real difference in so many people’s lives. Additionally, we are splitting any national Give OUT day prize grants we receive 50/50 with SONG. Consider the fact that the South receives less than 3% of LGBTQ funding nationally and think about how impactful your support could be.

Please join our challenge donors by giving what you can to create a better reality and build a better future. Your $10 or more donation to TLC on Give OUT Day will be tripled up to $16,000. Every gift of every size makes a huge difference.

 Whether or not you can make a gift, you can also organize a personal fundraiser on Give OUT Day using social media to encourage support for Transgender Law Center from your friends. Visit and review the “How To” guide to learn more!

Thank you so much for your support!
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Thanks for all your hard work in the fight for equality


Thanks for all your hard work in the fight for equality


You saved my child's life!


Thanks for all your hard work in the fight for equality