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Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.

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TLDEF is a nonprofit dedicated to ending discrimination and achieving equality for transgender people, particularly those in our most vulnerable communities. We provide name change assistance, impact litigation and community education. Your gift will propel us toward even greater program success this year! Here’s how:
A legal name change is unaffordable for many transgender people, but a name change is often the final step necessary to feel confident when seeking work, flying on a plane, or even just going to the bank. Our unique program has transformed the lives of over 1,400 community members since its inception, and we anticipate serving 23% more people in 2018.

Our education programs change the world one workplace and on person at a time. Our corporate trainings help managers and team members be more inclusive of people who are trans and gender nonconforming. Our continuing legal education help attorneys and law firms better serve their trans clients, and our “know your rights” trainings ensure that members of the transgender community understand the rights we fight to protect.

Focusing on high-barrier states of the south and mid-west, we take on cases that set precedent and change policy. As examples, in recent years we changed a discriminatory public-school restroom policy and reversed an unfair name change law in the deep south. Our work protects and expands the rights of transgender people throughout the country.

All of our programs are made possible because you choose to stand with us as a donor and a supporter. When we show up every day to make the world a better place for people who are transgender, we are grateful that you join in our work. Thank you!
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