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Trans Latina Coalition

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TransLatin@ Coalition (TLC) advocates for the specific needs of the Trans Latin@ community that resides in the U.S. and to plan strategies that improve our quality of life. TLC works to  amplify education and resources to promote the empowerment of trans leaders. 

Members of the TransLatin@ Coalition are transgender Latina leaders who come together from all across the country, donating their time to organize and advocate for the issues and needs of trans Latinx community members living in the U.S.

We serve the community in the following areas:
  • - Advocacy: addressing the needs and issues of our community by working with local and national organizations and political groups to change the landscape and livelihood for trans people
  • - Community organizing and mobilization: working with individuals, groups, and other organizations to ensure that our voices are heard and work to advance tangible change for our community
  • - Leadership Development: creating the next wave of leaders in our community, providing new leaders with the necessary tools and mentorship to become successful advocates  
  • - Economic Development: using economic power to change the way society views our community, providing skills to create jobs and foster entrepreneurship and opportunity
  • - Professional & Personal Development: offering professional and personal development services to our community with trainings to support community members to succeed in life

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