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Trans Lifeline

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The transgender community is under attack!

Can you give $10 to help us save a life?

Trans Lifeline is a diverse community of transgender people working together to prevent suicide and empower each other through education, advocacy, and direct service. We operate the only national crisis hotline for and by transgender people, and run many other programs designed to improve the overall mental health of transgender people everywhere. Since 2014, Trans Lifeline has answered over 19,000 calls from transgender people in crisis, spoke on a LGBTQ disablility panel at the White House, partnered with the National LGBTQ Task Force to conduct the first ever national transgender mental health survey, and much more.

Last year, the estimated number of transgender people in the United States doubled from .7 million to 1.4 million. We became more visible than ever before as nuanced conversations about gender entered the mainstream for the first time. We were even recognized by the federal government, and reminded "it gets better" by all sorts of companies cashing in on the transgender phenomenon. While the increased attention and visibility is invaluable, the frequency and severity of the violent reactions from transphobic hate groups and bigots have only increased as well. With marriage equality out of the way, the transgender community has had the great displeasure of becoming their new target.

Every day, these people work very hard to deny transgender people basic human rights and dignity in an increasingly hostile political and social climate. We've been stripped of historic protections granted to us by the previous administration while LGBTQ centers across the country are harassed and vandalized. Every time a new "bathroom bill" is introduced to deny us access to our own world, it hurts. This violences creates significant traumatic mental and emotional distress in a community which already suffers a shocking 41% suicide attempt rate. Help us end the violence today.

Trans Lifeline is mostly funded by individual donors and wouldn't exist without the support of our community and allies. 


A Snapshot of Current Events: Trans Lifeline Calls Received by Month


Please give today. Your $10 donation could save someone's life!

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