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Arianna's Center

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Arianna’s Center will engage, empower and lift up the trans community of South Florida, with a special emphasis on the most marginalized including the Trans Latinx community, undocumented immigrants, people living with HIV/AIDS, and those that have experienced incarceration.
Your support will help us find a physical space for Arianna’s Center and help many more individuals in the trans community. Our services use an integrated case management model so we can gain a holistic understanding of each client’s needs and priorities.
Our organization is one of the only organizations in all of Florida that is led by and anchored within the transgender community. We are the only organization that combines competency around immigrant experiences (including undocumented immigrants); sex workers; HIV and trans competence. Pound for pound, we deliver broader and more significant services than any existing provider. We are trusted and respected within the community.

Meet our founder: Arianna’s Center is founded by Arianna Inurritegui Lint, a leader in the Trans Latin@ Coalition. An educator, mentor and advocate, Arianna has worked for the Florida Health Department since 2006 in HIV/AIDS prevention and care. A transgender woman originally from Peru and a law school graduate, Arianna combines her personal journey and professional skills as a public speaker, facilitator and an activist on the front lines of our movement for trans equality.

Arianna has achieved the following milestones of impact in 2016 alone with ZERO FUNDING:

  • - 39 women in case management for transition-related care
  • - 24 women connected to HIV/AIDS related services and care
  • - 21 women supported on a path to legal immigration
  • - 55 name and gender changes facilitated
  • - 11 women advancing skills in English with 4 completing their GED
  • - 9 women helped with domestic violence
  • - 18 trainings for government agencies, universities, and prisons in cultural competencies

Without a dollar of funding, we have transformed so many lives in the South Florida trans community. Your donation will help us provide a safe space for clients and build out the organization to make an even greater impact.

Donate to support Arianna’s Center today on Give OUT Day. Every dollar you can give will make a huge difference for the most marginalized members of our community. Thank you for your support.

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