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Virginia Anti-Violence Project

$2,580.00 contributions
45 donors

Raised: $2580Remaining: $3420

Our Values: The Virginia Anti-Violence Project (VAVP) values community; family and relationships; intersectionality/racial justice; LGBTQ+ liberation/equity; trust/accessibility; fun/creativity; and integrity/transparency.

Our Programs: VAVP’s primary programs include advocacy and support services for LGBTQ-identified survivors of violence, including individual and group support, individual and systems advocacy/accompaniment; the facilitation of relationship skills classes that are centered in various queer/transgender identity experiences; training for professionals on how to deepen their capacity to serve individuals of diverse LGBTQ+ identities that have survived violence; large systems advocacy work to promote the inclusion of LGBTQ+ violence issues in local, regional, and statewide workgroups addressing violence and/or LGBTQ+ individuals and communities; and public/community awareness efforts that start conversations about experiences of violence and healthy relationships/sexuality in an LGBTQ+ context.

Our Community: The Virginia Anti-Violence Project joins our community in celebrating families and relationships in all of their beautiful queer/trans variations. We love our chosen and biological families, our pets, our children, our friends, and all of our relationships where we can feel at home and loved.  VAVP recognizes the importance of having complex and fun conversations about how sex, sexuality, intimacy, gender identity, and consent are indeed central and crucial to our lives. 

Our Context: The State of Violence in LGBTQ Communities of Virginia Report by VAVP offers an in-depth account of how LGBTQ Virginians are impacted by sexual/intimate partner/dating violence, stalking, and hate/bias-motivated violence, as well as how LGBTQ-identified individuals interact with community-based service organizations. The report demonstrates that LGBTQ persons of diverse backgrounds experience disproportionate levels of violence in Virginia. Forty-one percent (41%) of respondents reported having been in an abusive relationship at some time in their lives and almost one third of respondents (30%) had been stalked. Over one third of respondents (36%) had experienced sexual violence as children or youth (17 and younger), and over one quarter of respondents (26%) had experienced sexual violence as an adult. In the 2007 Transgender Health Initiative Study by the Virginia Department of Health, 27% of respondents had experienced sexual violence. Over half (57%) of the respondents who had experienced sexual violence reported they felt the reason for one or more of the incidents of forced sex was due to their transgender status, gender identity, or gender expression.
Hallie P donated $50.00
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Updates and Donors' Comments


Thank you for doing this important work. :)


VAVP will be forever close to my heart!


I <3 VAVP and support its work with my dollars!