Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


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Virginia Anti-Violence Project

Raised: $0Remaining: $500

What is VAVP?
The Virginia Anti-Violence Project (VAVP) works to address and prevent sexual/intimate partner/dating violence, stalking, and hate/bias-motivated violence within and against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities. 

Why your support matters...

  • 41% of LGBTQ+ Virginians have been in an abusive relationship at some time in their life according to a 2008 survey by VAVP
  • 36% of LGBTQ+ Virginians experienced sexual violence as a child according to VAVP’s 2008 Community Survey
  • 48% of genderqueer Virginians reported sexual violence before the age of 18 in a VAVP’s 2008 Community Survey
  • 81% of LGBTQ+ Virginians believe addressing IPV should be a priority for the LGBTQ+ community

I support VAVP because I believe in the power of their work, & I share VAVP’s values of community; family and relationships; intersectionality/racial justice; LGBTQ+ liberation/equity; trust/accessibility; fun/creativity; and integrity/transparency.
I believe in the programs provided by VAVP for our communities. VAVP’s primary programs include advocacy and support services for LGBTQ-identified survivors of violence, including individual and group support, individual and systems advocacy/accompaniment; the facilitation of relationship skills classes that are centered in various queer/transgender identity experiences; training for professionals on how to deepen their capacity to serve individuals of diverse LGBTQ+ identities that have survived violence; large systems advocacy work to promote the inclusion of LGBTQ+ violence issues in local, regional, and statewide workgroups addressing violence and/or LGBTQ+ individuals and communities; and public/community awareness efforts that start conversations about experiences of violence and healthy relationships/sexuality in an LGBTQ+ context.
When we give to VAVP we are making a direct impact on the lives of LGBTQ+ Virginians!
What your $$ supports:
$25 = 1 hour of individual support/advocacy/accompaniment for a queer/trans person that had been impacted by violence
$100 = 1 session of VAVP's queer healthy love relationship skills class attended by up to 12 LGBTQ individuals
$250 = half-day training session to build overall community capacity to provide unbiased, culturally competent support to LGBTQ-identified survivors of violence
$600 = full 6-session support group for up to 12 LGBTQ-identified survivors of sexual or intimate partner violence
What is Give OUT Day? 
Give OUT Day is the ONLY national day of giving for the LGBTQ community – a 24-hour online fundraising competition that unites the LGBTQ community from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and D.C. to raise critically needed funds to support the diverse array of LGBTQ nonprofits from the arts to social services agencies, advocacy groups to sports leagues, community centers to health facilities, big and small, urban and rural.

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