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Voices Combating Homophobia in Uganda

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'VOICES COMBATING HOMOPHOBIA IN UGANDA' is a documentary by Tim McCarthy.

Homophobia, not homosexuality, is the real import into Uganda. With the Voices of the Abasiyazzi project, we help LGBTIA Ugandans talk directly to their fellow Ugandans about their shared culture and lives:
“They say we’re dangerous. They say we want to take your children. They tell you that what we do in our own private lives is disgusting and unnatural–and then tell you we have to die for it. But they have never met us. They do not know us. They’ve never taken the time to find out who we really are. We are Ugandans. We are human. We are just like you.”

We want your help to produce a documentary about Ugandan LGBTI life to be shown primarily in Uganda. We have completed all our interviews and now are in post-production and hope to have the film finished by summer 2018.
The world media comes to Uganda and takes the story away to you. We need your help to document and share our LGBTI Ugandan life with our fellow Ugandans; the very people who hold our fate and need most to hear our truth.
The primary focus of the documentary is to show LGBTI Ugandans in their everyday life. Showing them doing things that every other Ugandan does working, eating, sharing life with their family and clan, helping their communities: a Uganda "Word is Out". This documentary will explore the cultural and social lives of LGBTIA Ugandans; sharing their lives in their own languages and cultural traditions. Telling our fellow Ugandans our story will continue to create allies. As you know from your own experience, the more people know you the less they hate or fear you. 

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