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Women’s Cancer Resource Center (WCRC) of Berkeley, California, has a long and proud history of providing support and advocacy for women with cancer, especially those in the LBTQIA+ and other communities who face particular barriers to care. 
Jackie Winnow (1947-1991) was the first official coordinator of the Lesbian/Gay and AIDS unit of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. In 1985, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was struck by the lack of services available to women facing cancer. She founded WCRC the following year, with the goal to provide education, information and support to women living with cancer and their families, in particular lesbians and women of color.
Jackie’s legacy remains strong today. WCRC serves any woman with any cancer – a woman being anyone who was assigned female at birth or who currently identifies as a woman. WCRC staff and volunteers are proud to provide client-centered support; cultural humility is woven into all aspects of client engagement. We provide volunteer in-services on different topics, including sexual orientation and gender expression, self-care, and grief. At present, fifty percent of our staff identifies as queer, as do 60% of our support group leaders.
WCRC’s services are designed to provide psychosocial support to our clients, by way of navigation through the healthcare system, an information and referral helpline, emergency financial assistance, and a wellness workshop calendar that focuses on nutrition, expressive arts, mindfulness and movement. We have support groups that are specific to the LBTQIA+ community, including one for lesbian caregivers. We collaborate with community pioneers such as the Pacific Center in an effort to make everyone we serve feel seen, heard and respected.
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Please call 510-420-7900 if you need services.

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