Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


Participating nonprofits can use the more than $95,000 in 8 different Leaderboards – or whichever ones you quality for – to generate excitement and momentum during Give OUT Day. These are powerful ways to get the word out to your supporters and to give incentive to board members, volunteers, and friends of your organization to help spread the word to their networks, since prizes are based on the total number of donors each organization has in the 24-hour period.

To be placed on Leaderboards and be eligible for prizes, an organization must complete the Participant Survey form by Monday, 4/8 at 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT. To avoid submitting a duplicate survey, please review this list to see if your organization has already filled it out.

Prizes are exclusive and subject to verification by Horizons Foundation staff. An organization is eligible to win only one leaderboard prize. In the event an organization wins a regional leaderboard in addition to a Give OUT Day leaderboard, the organization will be awarded the highest value prize, and the organization with the next highest number of unique donors will take the lesser value prize. Winners will be announced and notified within 5 business days after Give OUT Day. Your organization should not assume leaderboard placements as of 11:59pm EST on Give OUT Day are final until notified by Horizons Foundation.

The 2019 Leaderboard categories are:
  • Give OUT Day Leaderboards
  • Southern Leaderboards
  • San Francisco Bay Area Leaderboards
  • Small Size Organizations Serving People of Color Leaderboard

Prizes are awarded for each leaderboard on the basis of which organizations have the most unique donors during Give OUT Day.  

Eligibility, prizes, and rules for each leaderboard category are listed below.

ELIGIBILITY:  All participating organizations can compete on the Give OUT Day leaderboards, regardless of location or scope of work. 

PRIZES: There will be three Give OUT Day leaderboards, One board will be for organizations with annual budgets under $100,000.  The second will be for organizations with annual budgets from $100,000 up to $600,000, and a third for organizations with annual budgets over $600,000. (These categories make them comparable in size.) In each of the three categories, the prizes are:

1st Place              $10,000
2nd Place               $5,000
3rd Place               $2,500

We are grateful for the generous support from the Lesbians for Good Fund of Horizons Foundation and an anonymous donor for these prizes.

ELIGIBILITY:   To participate in the Southern leaderboards, an organization must be headquartered in one of the following 14 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, or Florida and at least 75% of its programmatic activities must take place in and serve constituents in these states.

PRIZES:  There will be two Southern leaderboards. One will be for organizations with annual budgets of less than $100,000. The second will be for those with annual budget of $100,000 or more.  In each category, prizes are:

1st Place               $5,000
2nd Place               $3,000
3rd Place                $2,000
We are grateful for the generous support from the Laughing Gull Foundation for these prizes.

ELIGIBILITY:  Organizations must be based in and primarily serve the San Francisco Bay Area and have annual budgets under $4,000,000.

PRIZES:  As in past years, there will be two Bay Area leaderboards. All organizations based in the San Francisco Bay Area’s nine counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma) with budgets below $4,000,000 are eligible for one of the Bay Area leaderboards. There will be one leaderboard for organizations with annual budgets up to $500,000, and a second for organizations with annual budgets between $500,000 and $4,000,000.  In each of the two categories, the prizes are:

1st Place               $5,000
2nd Place               $3,000
3rd Place               $2,000
These leaderboards are sponsored by Horizons Foundation (which is based in the Bay Area).

ELIGIBILITY:  Organizations must primarily serve LGBTQ people of color and have budgets under $100,000
PRIZES:  Prizes are as follows:are:

1st Place               $2,500
2nd Place              $1,500
3rd Place               $1,000
We are grateful for the generous support of The Harnisch Foundation for these prizes