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Frequently Asked Questions for
Give OUT Day Donors



1. What is Give OUT Day?

Give OUT Day is the ONLY national day of giving for the LGBTQ community – a 24-hour online fundraising event that unites the LGBTQ community from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and D.C. to raise critically needed funds. Throughout the day-long event, thousands of people make gifts to support a vast array of LGBTQ nonprofits across the country, ranging from the arts to social services agencies, advocacy groups to sports leagues, community centers to health care nonprofits.

2. When does Give OUT Day begin and end?

Give OUT Day 2017 takes place on Tuesday, April 20, 2017 from 12:01am – 11:59pm ET. Donors can give on Give OUT Day itself, or can schedule their gifts in advance.. It’s only by making the gift on April 20 – or scheduling it in advance – that you can ensure your generous donation counts toward potential leaderboard prizes!

3.  How do I schedule a donation in advance?  
To schedule a gift in advance, simply go to the page of any nonprofit you wish to support and click the orange “Donate” button any time before April 20. The charge date is set to default to April 20. Please note, since you scheduled your donation for 04.20.17 your credit card will NOT be charged until April 20.

4. How do I find my favorite organization?

To find any group, you can also simply search for them in the search bar at the very top of the screen by their name (or acronyms or keywords if the group entered them). You might also try searching with just one or two words from the group’s name in case it’s listed differently. You can also click on the "Donate" tab at the top of the page to see all participating groups displayed under one or more of eight major categories, based on their registration information.

If you cannot find your favorite group, check directly with them to make sure they are participating in Give OUT Day. If they are participating but are not displaying, email us at or call us 415-660-2213 and we’ll work to fix things quickly. If they’re not participating, encourage them to sign up!

5.  What if I want to donate but I’m not sure which organization to support?

Give OUT Day is a great way to learn about organizations you might not have heard of before that are doing important work. You can browse organizations by clicking on the “Donate” tab at the top of any Give OUT Day page at the top of the home page. This will bring up all participating organizations and allow you to focus your browsing either by categories and/or by region of the country. You can also use the search function on top right of the webpage and search by city or state.

Again - Be sure to schedule your donation for 04.20.17 to ensure your generous donation counts towards potential leaderboard prizes! Please note, since you scheduled your donation for 08.02.16 your credit card will NOT be charged until April 20, 2017.  

6. How much of my donation is received by the nonprofit?

100% of the proceeds of your donation go to the receiving nonprofit after a 3.75% and $0.35 per transaction processing fee charged by Click & Pledge, which provides the technology for the event. Horizons Foundation has raised the funds to make Give OUT Day 2017 possible, and we take no percentage and no fee at all from donors’ contributions.

7. Does my donation go directly to the nonprofit I have chosen?

Yes, the nonprofit you selected will receive your donation by direct deposit to its bank account within 48 business hours.

8. What forms of payment are accepted?

Mastercard, VISA, AMEX and Discover are available to donate to all nonprofits through Give OUT Day.

9. Why do I have to enter my contact and payment information each time I donate?
Each organization has its own individual merchant account, which ties donations directly to its individual bank account and donation report. Therefore, each donation (contact/payment information) needs to be made separately.

10. Will I receive a receipt?

Yes, a receipt will be automatically emailed to you immediately using the email address you provided when you submitted your transaction. If you do not receive a receipt, then please contact our technology provider, Click & Pledge, here. Please note, since you scheduled your donation for April 20 your credit card will NOT be charged until April 20, 2017.

11. Are receipts IRS approved?

Yes, you may use your email receipt as proof of your donation. All donations are Tax-Deductible to the 501(c)(3) participating nonprofits on this website.

12. What will appear on my credit card statement for the transaction?

The name of the nonprofit you have donated to will appear on your credit card statement.

13. Does anyone else have access to my information as a donor?

Horizons Foundation, as the organizer of Give OUT Day, will also have access to donor names and contact information which will be used for evaluation and future Give OUT Day outreach. Horizons will not share this information with nonprofit organizations, marketers, or any other third party.

14. What happens if I choose to make a donation anonymously?

If you choose to make a donation anonymously, your name will not be published on the website. The nonprofit which receives the donation will still have access to your contact and donation information to send you a thank you note.

15. If I choose to make a recurring donation, how is this processed?

Your recurring gift will be processed for whatever time frame you have selected. Each time your donation is processed you will receive a receipt via email to let you know the transaction occurred. To cancel a recurring donation, you will need to contact the nonprofit organization you donated to so they can stop the payments.

16. What if my credit card declines?

Credit cards can be declined by your bank for many reasons. If your credit card is declined and you would like to know why, we suggest you contact the bank which issued your credit card for details.

17. I am getting an “unsupported browser” message when I try to make a donation:

Give OUT Day is powered by Click & Pledge, an online donation platform. Click & Pledge takes Internet security very seriously. For the safety of all donors, Click & Pledge will only process transactions on Internet Browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) they consider to be secure. Older browsers that are no longer supported by their companies often cannot handle newer encryption protocols and are therefore considered insecure.  If you receive an error message when making a donation that your Internet browser is out-of-date, you should upgrade to the latest version. Browser upgrades are free and should be made to keep your personal and payment information safe.

18. I want to correct the amount of my gift or request a refund:

If you accidentally typed in the wrong amount for your gift, you can ask the organization you donated to process a refund/credit back to your credit card and then make a new donation of the correct amount. If they don’t know how to process a credit on the Click & Pledge site when you contact them, direct them to this page.

19. My Facebook share message is not updating:

Facebook uses a technique called “caching,” a temporary storing of content, to make sure your site loads quickly. When you change your Facebook share message within the Give OUT Day platform it can take some time for Facebook to start using the new message. To wipe out the previous message you will need to use a Facebook tool called the Open Graph Debugger. Enter the URL of the organization’s page on the Give OUT Day platform into this tool and click the button saying “Fetch new scrape information” and then your share message should be updated. You can access this tool here.

20. I want to do more! How do I become a personal fundraiser?

Click here to learn more about personal fundraising.

If you have questions or want to know more about Give OUT Day, hopefully the information above will answer any questions you have, but if not you can submit a Support Ticket with Click & Pledge, our technology partner for Give OUT Day (they are responding rapidly if you put "Give OUT Day" in the subject line), or email us at If you have a technical question you can submit a Support Ticket with Click & Pledge, our technology partner for Give OUT Day (they will respond rapidly if you put "Give OUT Day" in the subject line).

Thank you for donating on Give OUT Day – April 20, 2017!