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We were devastated to learn our LGBTQ+ transitional housing program, after five years of successfully housing LGBTQ+ youth, was not selected for renewal funding from the federal grant at the end of the last fiscal year in June 2019. This is a $186,000 per year loss. Youth experiencing homelessness is on the rise, and LGBTQ+ youth make up 40% of the youth homelessness population, despite representing only 5% of the total youth population. Knowing how crucial this program is for our community, we quickly adjusted our expenses and remained committed to the young people living in our transitional program so that all of them, especially the 19 who identify as LGBTQ+, would continue to have a safe and affirming place to live. 

This reality means we are self-funding 8 of the 38 beds in our program. We need stable funding partners to keep it going. We believe in this program. We believe in our young people. We believe our community will continue to rally behind us to ensure stable, inclusive, safe, and affirming housing continues to exist for LGBTQ+ youth. Three residents are ready to graduate this summer! This means we can welcome three more youth experiencing homelessness into a place they can call home. 

Will you help 360 Youth Services continue to provide safe and affirming housing for youth experiencing homelessness?

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