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Join APIENC: Fundraise in Support of Black Lives!

This GiveOUT Day, APIENC is calling our trans and queer API community to take action in support of Black lives, power, and resistance. All over the country, Black folks -- especially those living at the intersections of trans, queer, disabled, homeless, migrant, and poor -- are fighting to abolish the police, end prisons, and grow a world where all people live free. As trans and queer Asians and Pacific Islanders, it’s our responsibility to reflect, respond, and act.

We’re organizing a team of QTAPI volunteers to raise $10,000 for three Black-led groups leading incredible work, including the Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative, Spiral Gardens, and the Community Ready Corps. 100% of all proceeds will be donated.

  1. The Solutions Not Punishments Collaborative is a Black, trans-led group restoring an Atlanta where every person has the opportunity to thrive without barriers, especially from the legal system. They do so through leadership development programs for Black trans people, organizing community funds to support the Black trans community in Atlanta, and more.
  2. Spiral Gardens supports people in growing their own food, reconnecting with the land, and advocating to shape local food policy through a vibrant community garden, free workshops, and nursery. Spiral Gardens was created as a take-over of public land, by and for the community in South Berkeley.
  3. The Community Ready Corps is a Black grassroots liberation organization in Oakland building self-determination for their communities. Recently, they've organized campaigns to distribute funds to local Black-owned businesses during Covid-19, create educational materials about the pandemic, and provide face-masks and safety skills at recent actions.

These groups organize for community safety, healing justice, and long-term investment in Black trans and queer communities. To act as accomplices in the fight for Black liberation in this urgent moment and beyond, we need to make resources for their work, and other Black-led organizing, abundant. To do that, we need everyone, and we need you. Will you join us and donate today?

Potential Questions:

  1. Why these groups? There are an abundance of Black-led organizations doing incredible work. We asked to partner with SNaP Co. to support a Black trans-led organization fighting to end violence against all Black people. We're supporting the Spiral Collective to uplift the life of George Floyd and help sustain community organizations in Minneapolis during these uprisings and beyond. We're partnering with CRC because, as a Bay Area-based organization it’s critical for APIENC to support hyperlocal work that builds safety in home communities.
  2. What about APIENC? This is the time to pour all we can into supporting Black-led organizing. When our work is in right relationship with our values and our communities' needs, we have no need to worry. Though this choice a risk, APIENC is sustained by grassroots donations from individuals in our communities; we trust our communities will support us for the long-haul.
  3. Can I donate to these groups directly? We are asking people to donate to this consolidated fund because we know how much labor it takes for a small organization to process many donations. By doing processing donations on the back end, we hope to make it easier on the groups in the end. We are in active conversation with all three groups, and we'll remain transparent after the campaign is over!
  4. What happened to the SPIRAL Collective? After further discussion, SPIRAL Collective elected to move back from this fundraiser. While QTBIPOC-led, they graciously wanted to make more space for other Black-led groups to receive this important funding. These funds will now be allocated to Spiral Gardens!

    Thank you for supporting this campaign, these groups, and the Movement for Black Lives!
    If you have questions about APIENC, please visit www.apienc.org.

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