APIENC (API Equality - Northern California)

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$15,000 Goal

Build Trans and Queer Asians and Pacific Islander POWER With APIENC!

πŸ™Œ APIENC is raising $15,000 to sustain our work, and we need YOUR help. πŸ™Œ

This year, our community has faced crisis after crisis. We've been targeted by white supremacist attacks; denied access to gender-affirming healthcare; isolated through the COVID-19 pandemic; and so much more. So many trans and queer APIs have been made to feel helpless.

While many of us may be feeling low on charge, APIENC is committed to powering up.

Based on the Pokemon game theme, APIENC is written in large yellow block letters, with "Power Up, Give Out" underneath. Below that reads "Press Start" and "Take APIENC to the next level, help us raise $15K by 6/30!" with a dragon fruit image in the background.

We are reaching deep into our wisdom to launch a peer counseling program by-and-for trans APIs, share powerful intergenerational stories through the brand-new Dragon Fruit Podcast, build thriving networks of QTAPI leaders ready to sustain our movements, and more.

When institutions fail us, we find opportunities to meet each others’ needs. To ensure this work can last, and grow, we need everyone. Will you DONATE TODAY and get APIENC to the next level? You can donate:

  1. $30: for the 3 Dragon Fruit Podcast episodes launching this year!
  2. $50: for the 5 member-led committees leading transformative work!
  3. $90: for the 9 members of our trans API peer counseling team!
  4. $120: for the 12th year of our youth Summer Organizer Program!
  5. Whatever amount feels right to YOU!

Thank you for joining us in our movement for safety and liberation!

A zoom window of about 25 QTAPIs, facing and smiling at the camera.

If you have questions about APIENC, please visit www.apienc.org.

Learn more about our 2021 goals and our new Theory of Change here.

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APIENC (API Equality - Northern California)


17 Walter U. Lum Place 17 WALTER U LUM PL, The Kuo Building
San Francisco, CA 94108


(415) 274-6750

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