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For 2024’s GiveOutDay campaign, Bi Women Quarterly is hoping to fundraise $8000 to sustain the work of the oldest – and currently the only – bisexual+ women’s publication in the world. 

About Us

Bi Women Quarterly (BWQ) is a completely free resource, available online and in print to readers globally.  We’ve been in continuous publication since 1983! What started as a local quarterly newsletter more than four decades ago has expanded to a global publication. The Spring 2024 issue of BWQ features folks from 11 different countries! BWQ's editor is speaker, writer, and advocate Robyn Ochs.

We feature the writing and art of women who fall under the bisexual+ umbrella (i.e., bi, pan, fluid, queer, etc.). We welcome contributions from all people who resonate with experiences of womanhood, whether those people are cis, trans, non-binary, or another gender expansive identity. 

Bi Women Quarterly (BWQ) is a completely free resource, available to readers globally. We send BWQ out to thousands of readers, and many more visit our website to read it. Keeping this publication free -- and thus accessible -- is no small feat, considering that publishing has become increasingly expensive over the years and most publications sustain their work through paid subscriptions. We send our magazine out to individuals, college campuses, women’s centers, health care providers, and LGBTQ+ community centers. 

We, however, are committed to keeping this resource freely available and accessible to people who need connection and community, particularly as the cultural and political climate in so many places becomes more hostile to the LGBTQ+ community.

Find us online here.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift the voices of marginalized and historically erased people (including Black, Indigenous, & People of Color, disabled, neurodivergent, transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive folks, among others) by giving them a platform for self expression and LGBTQ+ advocacy. Our 2022 Bodily Autonomy theme (which received so many submissions that we published it in two parts!) had the most geographically diverse number of contributors ever. 

Where Your Gifts Goes

$10 covers the cost of 100 envelopes for mailing newsletters

$20 pays for 20 USPS stamps

$50 covers one month of website hosting on Wordpress

$100 maintains our monthly subscriptions to software subscriptions (Canva, Indesign, Mailing campaigns, etc).

$300 takes care of our PO Box for one year

$400 to make and maintain our website ADA accessible

$2,500 to $3000 to produce one issue of BWQ (and we publish 4 a year!)

And then there are our interns, to whom we pay several thousand dollars each year. Because we believe strongly that interns should be paid for their work.

Thank You

Whether you share, donate, or fundraise on our behalf we are incredibly grateful for your support. Bi Women Quarterly has existed for this long because of people in our community like you who show up when we need them. Even though bi+ people make up a majority of the LGBTQ+ community, we still receive less than 1% of identity-specific foundation funding.  Thus, we need your help as we strive to create a just and equitable future one donation at a time. 

Featured banner artwork (from left to right): Femme a L'enfant Viande by Maxime Goldstyn, Quiet but Not Silent by Zoey Yang, Woman by Jo-Anne Carlson, and Feminine Displacement by Cloe Galasso. 

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