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The Curve Foundation is the only national nonprofit championing lesbian and queer women's stories and culture.

The Curve Award for Emerging Journalists, 2023 Cohort

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Did you know that only .00008% of funding goes to LGBTQ+ women. We cannot continue this critical work without your help. 

About our Programs

The Curve Award for Emerging Journalists

We are dedicated to supporting the journalists who bring our authentic stories to life, creating events and spaces that unite our community. Lesbian and queer journalists bring new rigor, breadth and joy to the news landscape, despite their significant underrepresentation and a clear business case for their presence in the newsroom.

The Award provides financial support, mentorship and networking for early-career journalists whose work fosters fair and accurate coverage and elevates the voices of LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary people. 

Here's how it's helping

"Being a Curve Award Recipient changed my life. Conversations with fellow cohorts challenged my thoughts and enriched additional perspectives within LGBTQ+ storytelling... I was linked with a great mentor who addressed my concerns, wants, and needs in my career trajectory." - Shar Jossell, award recipient

"As an emerging journalist — and especially as a freelance journalist — the Curve Award has had such an immediate and positive impact on my career... It's opened so many doors and I've been able to work on increasingly ambitious stories as a result. The mentorship program, in particular, has been invaluable as I've been able to work with and learn from some of the most vital journalists in the industry." 
— Sara Youngblood Gregory, award recipient

Lesbian Visibility Week

Lesbian Visibility Week at the White HouseLesbian Visibility Week in New York

LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary people are largely invisible in the world’s narrative, and conservative forces are working to erase lesbian culture and history from society. When a marginalized group is not visible, it becomes easy to discriminate against them. To ensure that we are seen and recognized for our contributions to society, The Curve Foundation is championing Lesbian Visibility Week in the United States.

Other programs include:

The CurvFaces of the Curve Communitye Archive — the free, accessible archive of all 30+ years of Curve magazine 

Beyond the Rainbow — our groundbreaking conversation series engaging the past, present and future of queer identities

Curve magazine — a digital quarterly publication of the latest issues and innovations in LGBTQ+ journalism, culture, history and philanthropy. 

The Curve Community — an online group of 9,000+ community members who join for conversation, connection, and events.

We do all of this work with a small but mighty team, and your support will help us to sustain and grow efforts to connect and celebrate lesbian past with queer futures!

Last year: BuCurve magazine over the yearsilding the Curve Archive

On GiveOut Day 2023, we raised over $2,500 from friends, family, former Curve readers, and a new generation of lesbians, queer women, trans people, non-binary people, and allies.

Dollars raised were directed to the Curve Archive, a digital effort to create a permanent, searchable, and free archive of Curve magazine. This included a full audit of our archival systems that introduced our community to a new, open-source archival platform to increase ease of use and access.

Since then,

Our Archive and Outreach Manager led the full update of our archive, which we were proud to relaunch during Lesbian Visibility Week 2023! 

We're thrilled to optimize the impact of the archive with our upcoming exhibits with the June L. Mazer Lesbian Archive in Los Angeles (and virtually) in July and a live archive party in Houston in the Fall.

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