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There is no better time to raise funds to reach more LGBTQ teens in crisis.  Now more than ever the anxiety levels and confusion in our teenage population are in need of peer to peer support to ease the feelings of despair.    

For our campaign, we have a goal of increasing teen participants in our teen-only supportive group chats by 10,000 by the end of 2021, of which 72% are LGBTQ+. In order to reach teens in need, we will create targeted outreach using social media and crucial video content.  To fund this outreach strategy, we need your help in raising $2,500.

Organizations that participate in Give OUT Day also have the chance to earn additional funds Simply by making your donation between June 1 and June 30, you can help us potentially raise additional dollars through the Give OUT Day prize challenges.  

More about who we are:

Give Us The Floor (GUTF) is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization. We help teens deal with distress through unique, peer support groups that leverage social media to provide constant contact and anonymity in a safe teen-only community, breaking the isolation and shame cycles. Trained teens facilitate confidential, Supportive Group Chats and members help each other with common mental health and social issues such as depression, isolation, anxiety, body image, discrimination, bullying, relationships, and identity. LGBTQ teens are one of our main focuses with over half our participants being a part of that demographic.  **See the demographic below from our impact report or on the next tab labeled "Infographic".

Our format creates a safe community online where teens can learn how to share and listen both to each other and to their own emerging voices and identities. GUTF members who actively participate in a Supportive Group Chat report an increased sense of connection and belonging—  After 1 month, 94% say their group chat has helped them feel less lonely and 97% say their group has helped them improve the way they feel about themselves.

  • Members communicate as often as they wish (usually at least daily) via closed group chats hosted on Snapchat.
  • They share daily life struggles, insights, and accomplishments, encourage each other, and provide non-judgemental feedback without fear of stigma, taboo, or shame.
  • All members are verified to be teens, and groups are organized by age and primary discussion topic to keep the chats relevant and relatable.
  • Teens who need adult help are quickly identified and referred to appropriate professional services.

GUTF Supportive Group Chats help teens feel less lonely and better about themselves while helping them develop the social skills needed to meaningfully connect with others in real life and online. Our method is based on four scientifically proven factors:

  1. Positive Peer Support improves social integration and self-confidence and mitigates transactions between depressive symptoms and peer victimization.
  2. Sense of Belonging is critical for maintaining physical and emotional health as well as resiliency: "The connection between belonging (or it's absence) and suicidality has been established for a number of diverse populations, including young adolescents and college students."
  3. The Sharing Effect:  knowing that a friend is experiencing the same emotion makes humans feel better than they would if they experienced the situation alone.
  4. Helping Others:  builds relationship skills and promotes well-being.

Our Vision
If teenagers can share freely and safely with peers the difficulties they go through, stigma and taboo are removed. They feel better and are able to believe in themselves and in the future.

Our Mission
To create and support a safe, non-judgmental, and trustworthy community where teenagers know that whatever challenge they struggle with, they will find peers that have faced or are facing the same challenges - a community where teens encourage each other and understand they're not alone.

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