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The vision for the San Mateo County Pride Center came about over a decade ago when a group of organizers in the County concerned about the wellbeing of our LGBTQ+ communities, came together to form the PRIDE Initiative. The PRIDE Initiative began convening community meetings, events, and dialogues to foster a safer, more welcoming county environment. Recognizing the scarcity of resources and services specific to the LGBTQ+ population in San Mateo County, the long-term plan of the PRIDE Initiative members included the creation of a physical space for LGBTQ+ community and services.


Over the years, the PRIDE Initiative took many avenues to make this center a reality and on June 1, 2017 the San Mateo County Pride Center was born! Now we are proud to provide essential services and programs to our community.

Why Donate to the San Mateo County Pride Center? 

Did you know that in the LGBTQ community, people are 3x more likely to experience general anxiety and/or depression? With your contributions, you are funding our clinical therapy program, social and support groups, community events, and more. Our wellness programs are effective in increasing mental health and decreasing social isolation and stigma. 

Here are some examples of the difference your contribution can make:

Community Building
With a contribution of $25 you can pay for one community member’s attendance and meal at an Intergenerational Dinner. Each event is catered and includes educational and interactive activities. We heal collectively as we gather in community. The Intergenerational Dinners occur quarterly and gather as many as 45-60 community members.

Clinical Services:

With a contribution of $50 our sliding scale therapeutic program so that our clients do not face financial barriers to care. Right now, suicide is the second leading cause of death in LGBTQ youth ages 10-24. With your help, we provide a welcoming, safer, and accepting mental health resource.

Resource Connections:

With a contribution of $75 you are supporting one community member’s attendance to our Name and Gender Change workshop where they will work alongside our Case Manager to change their name and gender marker on their legal documents. For many trans folx, having identification that matches their lived identity significantly reduces barriers to housing and employment as well as improves their overall quality of life.

LGBTQ+ Affirming Trainings:

With a contribution of $100 you are supplementing one small organizations to be trained in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression topics throughout San Mateo County. This year we have trained 3,670 health providers to better serve our community!

Whether your contribution is large or we extend our gratitude for contributing to our community!

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