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Center for Human Development's Empowerment Program provides non-clinical group support to LGBTQIA+ youth, ages 12-20, in the highly diverse and underserved area of East Contra Costa County. We are the only non-profit program in our area providing LGBTQIA+ youth with critically needed support and connection to local culturally responsive resources. Empowerment's staff are devoted to developing safe, confidential environments where youth can express themselves authentically, learn about the LGBTQIA+ community, and develop important skills for social, emotional, and psychological wellness and lifelong resilience.

We are seeing a backslide in attitudes of acceptance and laws that protect the rights of the  LGBTQIA+ community in our area and around the country. Most of the youth we work with do not feel safe to come out to their families or at school, fearing harassment, rejection, and in some cases physical violence. As the only community based program serving LGBTQIA+ youth in East Contra Costa County, we have seen an overwhelming increase in calls for support, straining our limited resources to meet the needs of our youth.

Every dollar donated to Center for Human Development's Empowerment Program during #GivingTuesday will go directly toward providing services for support to LGBTQIA+ youth in East Contra Costa County. Thank you, on behalf of Center for Human Development and the LGBTQIA+ youth we serve.

Youth Testimonials:

"I love to come to this group because I know there are people here who understand what I am going through." ~AB

"Being in group is very supportive and fun because you can be surrounded by people who are alike." ~AM

"It's a great space to relax and make friends and learn about LGBTQ things." ~GA

"My experience in Empowerment was wonderful. I love it." ~FA

"Don't be embarrassed about sharing, it honestly helps a lot." ~EA

"It's fun and you get to meet new people that are like you." ~MA

"It's more than a nice reason to skip class! It's a place to feel safe." ~JP

"I loved these past few years..." ~AG

"I want people to know that Empowerment can help them find a place where they are loved and share the love with others." ~JG

"If I didn't have Empowerment I'm not sure who or where I would be today. This program had helped me more than I can say." ~JP

"It's pretty chill, and is a good resource for any LGBTQIA+ in the area." ~ LJ

"I got to hear more 'about' other's problems and it helped me realize I'm not alone!" ~DJ

"It has helped me understand how I am and how to deal with my problems." ~JP

"It helped me be aware of some specifics of my own identity and made me feel less alone in my identity at school." ~JP

"I got to know new people and talk about my problem. I talk about what is happening in my life easier." ~AG

"I felt more relieved and supported than ever before. I loved it." ~AN

"I want others to know that Empowerment helped me like me for me and that it's okay to be gay." ~MA

"Empowerment has helped me and others to know more about my community and discover more about myself." ~AA

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