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Dignity communities have been active across the U.S. and Canada for over fifty years. Called by God's justice and mercy rather than placated by certain church teachings, the Dignity community continually chooses to bring public awareness to the wholeness and holiness of LGBT lives and families. We act locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to offer advocacy, education, support and community in the face of civil and ecclesial ignorance and injustice. We will not rest until our church and society mirror the face of God in the treatment of all God's children.

In the last year, with the support of members, advocates, and allies like you, DignityUSA has:

       -Responded to the Vatican’s ban on blessings for same-sex couples

       -Mobilized Catholics to vote with their conscience during the 2020 elections

       -Taken on the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for attacking transgender students

        -Fought for inclusion at the Supreme Court

        -Pushed the Biden administration to undo the harm caused by the previous administration

       -Kept our chapters, caucuses, and communities connected and strong during the pandemic.

With your help, we'll continue to be the voice of LGBTQI Catholics and respond to injustices wherever they arise.

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