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Stonewall Rising: LGBTQ March for Black Lives Matter Huge Success

Last Saturday hundreds of people gathered at Diversity Richmond in support of LGBTQ Black Lives Matter. If you were here, you know what a powerful experience it was. The inspiring remarks by LGBTQ Black leaders, the beautiful music, and the true sense of community that was present. The event was supported by 14 local organizations. This is but one example of good work to come.

Supporting such events is one reason Diversity Richmond exists. For over 20 years our organization has jumped at every opportunity to help. Our mission has expanded over the years, but the heart of Diversity has not changed, albeit stronger and more expansive today.

Community support and Diversity Thrift proceeds are how we continue our good work. With the on-going pandemic, having been closed for weeks, the store just recently reopened with reduced store hours. 

We are well aware of the financial strains that the pandemic has placed on many people. If you can make a donation during Give OUT Day, it will be most appreciated. If this is not a good time to donate, we understand.

Stay safe,
Bill Harrison, Director

Support Diversity Richmond during Give OUT Day

Give OUT Day is the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community, raising $6+ million for 700+ LGBTQ organizations since 2013. This year, due to the pandemic, we've been given the chance to fundraise all Pride month culminating in the actual Give OUT Day which is today June 30th.

Here's how your monetary donation can help Diversity Richmond support the LGBTQ community:

  • $10 provides two pair of shoes to someone in need
  • $15 provides several toys for kids in need
  • $25 provides six articles of clothing for someone in need
  • $35 provides three meals to someone in need
  • $50 purchases five much needed shopping baskets for Diversity Thrift
  • $50 allows us to donate 13 items of clothing to a person in need
  • $60 sponsors our monthly WRIR radio segment “Diversity Richmond Speaks” 
  • $65 provides one night’s lodging for someone facing homelessness
  • $75 covers the rental of a conference room for nonprofits to use
  • $95 funds our twice-monthly newsletters
  • $100 purchases a week’s supply of gloves and hand sanitizer for customers
  • $200 provides a month of lawncare
  • $250 sponsors two newsletters with a banner ad and two articles about your business
  • $600 provides gas for the Diversity Thrift truck for one month
  • $1,500 allows a nonprofit to use our event hall for free
  • $6,000 pays a month of utilities
  • $9,000 pays our monthly mortgage

Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated!

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