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For 30 years, Equality Texas has worked to secure LGBTQ equality in the hearts and minds of all Texans and in all areas of the law. Through innovative public education programs and community organizing, Equality Texas Foundation is telling the stories of LGBTQ Texans and making the case for equality at the Texas Capitol.


When we began organizing over three decades ago, we blocked attempts to quarantine people with AIDS. Since then, our issues have evolved, but our unwavering commitment to protect and expand the rights of LGBTQ people in Texas has not. 

Some of our recent victories include: 

  • In 2019, we killed 19 discriminatory bills. That includes SB 17, the "license to discriminate" bill; and saw more pro-equality bills than ever heard in committee in the Texas Legislature.
  • In 2017, Equality Texas worked aggressively and was successful in defeating efforts to pass a discriminatory anti-transgender “bathroom bill”.

In our 30-year history, we:

  • Defeated measures that would prevent gays and lesbians from serving as foster and adoptive parents.
  • Defeated the anti-gay marriage bills that would have prevented the recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages and civil unions, 1997, 1999, and 2001.
  • Increased AIDS and HIV funding; facilitated the passage of the Omnibus AIDS bill; pressed for adoption of HIV grant programs and HIV services funding.
  • Won appointment of openly gay and lesbian people to state commissions.
  • Successfully lobbied for the passage of anti-redlining bills prohibiting discrimination on the basis of martial status which protects lesbians and gays.
  • Stopped legislation that would have prohibited state government from providing benefits to domestic partners.
  • Defeated efforts to deny funding for art with any homosexual content.


The only way for all Texans to be completely protected from discrimination is to pass a comprehensive, statewide nondiscrimination law through the Texas Congress in 2021. We need your time, advocacy, and donations to do this. Join the tens of thousands of members to help advance equality in Texas and donate to Equality Texas today. 🌈 

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