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GRIOT Circle's Buddy-2-Buddy Program is  designed to bring LGBTQ elders the care, companionship, and community they need in relationships of mutual respect and support. Buddies are matched based on their interest and needs, and are free to develop their friendships in the ways they choose. One participant provided a vivid portrait of the challenges faced by elders. Lillie, an 89 year old African American, recalls the death of her partner of 47 years. She revealed that she had no LGBTQ friends because she and her partner lived together as cousins and were not out about their sexuality or their relationship. Lilly discovered GRIOT’s Buddy-2-Buddy program and now proudly claims a vibrant circle of friends - fourteen to be exact. They visit regularly bringing her news and conversation while affirming to Lillie and the staff of the nursing home that she is truly not alone.

GRIOT Circle offers a range of programs and activities:


  • Buddy-2-Buddy-  A program designed to bring LGBT elders the care, companionship, and community that they need by pairing them together in relationships of mutual respect and support. Many members have multiple buddies.
  • Ron Walker Caring Caller Program-  For members who are homebound or in a nursing homes and would like to receive a daily telephone call from a GRIOT members.
  • Referrals and tracking for the case management needs of our members.
  • GRIOT Book Club- Book club offered weekly at GRIOT with print and audio books.
  • HIV  Men's Support Group- Weekly support group for male members living with HIV.
  • Women's Support Group - Self awareness, knowledge sharing and discussions on topical themes
  • Wood Carving Classes- Free wood carving classes geared towards begginers as well as more experienced carvers. Members are guided by skilled instructor Don Quigley every 2nd and 4th friday of the month.
  • GRIOT Socials - Gathering where members enjoy each others company over movies, games, and refreshments.
  • Monthly Birthday Party- Birthday celbration  for members hosted by GRIOT, with cake, music and good friends. 100% of food provided by GRIOT.
  • Movie at BAM- Free monthly movie offered to seniors by GRIOT through BAM.

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