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The spirit of Pride continues to live on in our LGBTQ community’s resilience in the fight for equality. The struggle has never been more significant given COVID-19 and the the movement to truly make “Black Lives Matter.”

This June Pride month will be be different than all others and, because of the pandemic GIVE OUT DAY was postponed until June 30th. GRIOT will be lifting up the experiences of our members and doing weekly features on members and the programs that give them sustenance, hope and joy.

You know how important it is for LGBTQ seniors to connect with each other in a safe and welcoming space. Because of you, GRIOT has been a “home” to many, providing culturally sensitive, member-centered programming, and a place to be in a caring community.   

During this time, GRIOT is working to make sure that our members:

1) have food to eat by facilitating and coordinating access to meals,

2) are socially connected via our numerous virtual programming opportunities-including the Women’s Support Group, Men’s Group, Book Club and Spanish Class, 

3) receive a minimum of two bi-weekly - more as needed - supportive calls by our staff,

4) have a daily call-in group chat facilitated by staff,

5) have the resources that they need by staff linking them to local food pantries, emergency tele-health services and and online activities, and

6) have access to our vetted volunteers that can make additional telephone reassurance calls.

There remains so much more to be done by us to combat the food insecurities, financial hardships, and a deeper sense of isolation that our members are experiencing.  

The GRIOT Circle family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of one of our most precious human resources - our LGBTQ elders of color.

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