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History has taught us that the trans and queer movement can be resilient and self-sufficient in the face of a global health crisis —especially when our movement is led by youth and people of color whose intersectional identities inform our approach to justice and healing.

Many families in our communities are now facing economic instability and find themselves in dire need. Emergency responders, health care workers, food banks, small businesses, and other direct services are playing a critical role in this moment. GSA Network encourages our base of supporters to support organizations meeting the needs of families, LGBTQ+ folks, and youth within your local community.

What We’re Doing to Support LGBTQ+ Youth Now

Wellness & Healing

One of the most visible  yet detrimental effects on trans and queer youth at this moment is the impact on their wellness. Trans youth who were already experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, economic instability, and mental health issues prior to the pandemic have been particularly devastated by the sweeping job losses, interruptions to the food supply chain, and lack of access to affirming spaces they relied on for peer support.

Our approach centers wellness, healing, and direct support, while holding our movement and governments accountable for a lack of inclusion of trans and queer youth in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to provide holistic support to our core membership of youth leaders to address their mental health and financial needs, enabling them to endure the current moment and emerge strengthened in order to carry forward crucial organizing and movement building work beyond this current moment. 

Give the gift of holistic healing to our core membership of trans and queer youth leaders.

Sustaining The GSA Movement

As schools shut down and distance learning became the standard educational system for all students across the country, it was clear that school-based GSA organizing would evolve in ways—and for reasons—that we never could have predicted and that LGBTQ+ youth needed to remain connected now more than ever.  In March 2020, we launched Virtual GSAs In Action, a digital space where we feature virtual youth leadership events, resources and curriculum, and training on a range of topics from GSA movement history and storytelling to climate justice and HIV/AIDS awareness. 

In just two months, we engaged 300+ youth leaders and community advocates in digital organizing to keep our movement going forward. It’s still unclear how schools plan to welcome back their students in the fall, but one thing is clear: trans and queer youth are adapting to this new digital moment with the same creative spirit and resilience with which they enact social change in their communities. 

Make a contribution that will uplift digital youth organizing and give the GSA movement longevity.  

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