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Being queer is a fight. 

But it is also a celebration. 

The LGBT Center of Raleigh exists to advocate for, and serve our diverse LGBTQ+ community throughout the Triangle and the state of North Carolina. Our Center is focused on striving to celebrate PRIDE and FIGHT prejudice in all it's form. This year has already seen its fair share of battles, from dealing with multiple vandalism issues, to protests being staged against our Drag Queen Story Hour. In addition our community has been rocked by the corona virus pandemic seeing members fall ill, lose work, and struggle to put food on the table, and pay rent. However, none of this has dampened our fight. In the midst of these challenges we have spoken up, showcasing that vandalism will not silence us, protests will not stop us, and a virus will not hinder us. We have continued to move forward. Our Center has worked across the Raleigh and Triangle area to collaborate with other partners, to share supplies for housing insecure folks, to recommend tele-medicine and our Center has continue to run it's programs through virtual spaces and hang-outs continuing to meet the needs of all. 

As we continue forward we know our work could not be possible without the love and support of you. This year for Give Out Day we have a big goal. But we know that together, and with our networks, we can hit that goal, and reach for a more secure future for our Center, and for our community. We are so thankful that you have chosen us for your resources, whether those are time, or crowdfunding you are helping us continue onward. A donation to the Center this year helps pay for the salary of trans and trans people of color, along with keeping our Center up to date on rent, keeping the electric on, and running some of the best events for the community in the state such as Out!Raleigh Pride which will occur on Sunday, August 9th, 2020 and welcome thousands of us back to in-person celebrations. It will help host over 33 different programs, that aid youth, transgender youth, and senior LGBTQ+ community members. It allows us to work with coalition leveraging for equality in all aspects of our lives and continuing to show our Pride is in our Fight. 

Thank you for your support, as we always look onward with you! 

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