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Today, thousands of LGBTQ+ immigrants live in fear of being returned to the countries where they have suffered homophobic violence and persecution.  As low-income people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community, the lack of safety and security they face is further compounded by the impact of the last administration’s anti-immigrant policies and the economic devastation and health dangers of the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a leading service provider to the LGBTQ+ immigrant community, Oasis Legal Services provides a crucial lifeline for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers so that they are protected, celebrated, and can come out of the shadows. For LGBTQ+ immigrants, winning asylum means protection from deportation, the right to work legally, the opportunity to advance a career, pursue an education, seek medical care, and in hard times, the right to crucial social safety nets. Asylum means the freedom to finally embrace their true sexual orientation or gender identity, and to find community and acceptance without the fear of persecution. With asylum, our clients are able to achieve their dreams and become full members of our communities.

We represent hundreds of asylum seekers every year, and because of our expertise and advocacy, we win asylum for 99% of our clients. 

Why Is LGBTQ+ Asylum So Important? Click Here

Hector's Story:

Hector was around nine years old when he fell in love with Arturo*. At 13, they became secret boyfriends. Arturo’s father was the mayor of the city, a powerful man. One day, when they were 16, Arturo recklessly pulled Hector into a kiss outside his home.

One night, police picked him up and drove out of the city, up towards the mountains. "When we get there, he pulls out a gun and they take me out from the car, and they pull me on my knees. They told me with a gun on my head that I have to move or they gonna kill me."

Hector fled to the United States, telling no one...

With Asylum Hector was able to start his own nonprofit and help other members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Listen to Hector share his story, in this KALW podcast: 

Hector's Story on KALW

Asylum seekers like Hector need your support now more than ever. Join our Oasis community as we stand together to ensure that LGBTQ+ immigrants are protected.

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