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"Give OUT Day is a fundraising campaign beginning June 1 and culminating on June 28, the only national giving event for the LGBTQ community."

Why is Pride Link Important?

Living in Upstate, South Carolina as an LGBTQ+ person is not easy. You know that because you experience that every day. Pride Link is here because many LGBTQ+ people in Upstate, SC are still not able to live the happy, safe, and successful lives they deserve. As a nonprofit, Pride Link relies on donations in order to continue to serve its purpose in Upstate South Carolina.

Pride Link is expanding in three ways: Relocating, opportunities for employees and staff, and program initiatives. As a nonprofit, donations are essential to ensuring we can continue to serve our purpose in the community. Part of our Give Out Day donations will be dedicated to helping us get comfortable in our new building. It will go towards things like move-in costs, furniture, and more. Why do we need a new building? Because we would like to expand our staff! We need more people on our team so we can better serve the LGBTQ+ community of Upstate, SC. Donations made to Operation: Expansion will help go towards Staff’s salaries, professional development, and more! In addition to these expansions, we also want to be able to grow our Programming! One of the programs that we will be expanding is our financial assistance program. We already have great programs in place such as our Youth Group and BIPOC Group, but we want to do more! Soon, Pride Link will be introducing our Elder’s Group and Young Adult Group. Donations allow us to cover costs of things like snacks and activities used during group meetings!                                       

Pride Link

Pride Link is a nonprofit working to improve the quality of life for all LGBTQ+ people in Upstate, South Carolina. We offer health and wellness programs, social support, and connection to critical resources while improving LGBTQ+ cultural competence of providers and community partners.  

Current and Future Programs

These programs allow us to provide support and access to health and wellness resources to the LGBTQ+ community.

Community Health & Wellness Space

At the Queer Wellness Center providers will be on-site delivering various services to remove barriers to care, build trust between LGBTQ+ folks and service providers, and make sure you get the care you need to live a happy, healthy, and whole life!

Financial Assistance for LGBTQ+ Care

We understand that. That’s why we strive to make accessing health care easy and affordable by providing funding to cover fees for a variety of care needs. We provide direct assistance for hormone therapy, mental health services, and other services such as bill support or emergency medical care.

Resource Closet

We know that showing up at some of the local food banks or clothing closets around town or in churches can be anxiety producing. You’re not sure how you’ll be treated or if you’re welcome there. We’d be happy to help with some of these basic needs and look forward to meeting you! We currently have clothing, food, and hygiene products & the Resource Closet is open Tuesdays 9-12PM and Wednesdays 4-7PM.

Mobile Community Center

Pop-up support and health clinics across all 10 counties of Upstate, SC bringing free medical and mental health services, social support, and resources to where people are.

LGBTQ+ Youth Group

Provides support, community-building, leadership development, access to culturally relevant resources, and educational workshops to LGBTQ youth ages 13-17.

BIPOC Meetup Space

A group led by and for LGBTQ+ Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

LGBTQ Youth Summit

A biennial conference by and for LGBTQ+ youth, their parents, educators, and providers. The 2023 Youth Summit will be held on August 26, 2023. Click here to register! 

Elders Group-Coming Soon

A social gathering for LGBTQ+ older adults for connection and support.

Young Adult Group-Coming Soon

A social group dedicated to Young Adults ages 18-25 that provides development, community, and resources to those transitioning into adulthood.

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