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The Center for Sex & Culture is a virtual community center providing judgment-free education and cultural events, and exploring and preserving knowledge and materials about sex and gender. Our physical space closed early in 2019 due to expanding rental costs, and most of our library and archival materials went to other institutions, but we plan to continue our mission via sponsorships, online events, pop-ups, and publishing.

We so appreciate your interest and your support.

There are endless good causes to support this year. Queer people and others need help navigating the economic and health effects of the pandemic. Black Lives Matter, and police brutality must be stopped (in fact, on Pride Day in NYC some cops attempted to re-enact the Stonewall riots outside the Stonewall Inn). Getting the white supremacist and chief transphobe out of the White House is critical. Please know that we are not asking for your financial support ahead of these life-or-death issues. Please support the organizations that directly keep us alive and safe! This is the most significant year most of us have ever lived through. If you have funds (or any time) to spare, now is the time to think strategically about the way they can be used.

Under those circumstances: We want to show up today in solidarity with these issues and organizations, and with our allies at Horizons Foundation who make this fundraising day possible. Being allies to one another lets us extend ouor efforts, our dollars, all the work that still needs to be done.

If you choose to contribute to us at this time: This platform allows one-time or recurring monthly donations. We do not primarily operate by grants, as many nonprofits do. Our primary source of support is YOU and others like you.

We're so very grateful to all who contribute on #GiveOUTday and beyond--but you can help us whether or not you're in a position to donate. Just grab this URL and tweet or FB it, send to your list, email that one friend you think would get what we're about.

Our site is in the process of being revamped--keep stopping by, or join our email list:

Contributions--today thru 12/31-- are deductible for the 2020 tax year.


This is the Center for Sex & Culture's story:

In 1994 my partner Robert and I (I'm author and sexologist Carol Queen) were visiting our friend Betty Dodson, sometimes known as "the Mother of Masturbation," in NYC. Why didn't she bring her Bodysex workshop to the Bay Area? we asked. There wasn't an appropriate venue there, she said. And then she said the words that begin the story of The Center for Sex & Culture: "You kids should start a place."

We had connections in many sex-related communities. We both have doctorates in sexology; I work at Good Vibrations and in those days I wrote for Spectator magazine; I wrote stories and essays for zines and anthologies and was working on my book Exhibitionism for the Shy; we traveled around teaching, speaking, and meeting people from many sexual worlds; and we'd both been directors at SF Sex Information. Together, we could identify with much of the range of sexuality. "A place"! We started to talk it up.

At last an angel donor helped us get over the fence, become a non-profit and begin looking for a space. Interns and donated materials came our way even before we had room to house them. When we did get a place, in 2004, we invited every sexually interested adult to be part of it: as member, performer, teacher, patron, life-long learner. We've hosted countless sex classes and cultural events. In the absence of good sex ed in the US, many of us learn about sex and develop our attitudes about it via culture, and we want to participate fully in that discussion. Academics and journalists used our library and inspected our collections. Librarians descended on us, helping us to organize the many books and journals we'd amassed. We believe we accumulated the largest publicly-accessibly sex library in the country, maybe the world!

We were and are all volunteer, a labor of love and community for everyone involved. Now CSC is preparing for the virtual and pop-up phase in our work. Our doors may have closed, but our materials are safe at other archives, and we will continue participating in the fascinating history of sex in culture.

Thank you so very much for reading about our history and supporting us. EVERY donation helps us do our work.

Wishing you pleasure, culture that speaks to your erotic self, community, and all the sex information you need!

--your friends at the Center for Sex & Culture

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