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The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing was formed in 1999 to provide education in and programs for country-western dancing in the LGBT+ community in San Francisco. As an all-volunteer and community-supported nonprofit, the Sundance Association fosters individual growth and passion, encourages volunteerism and financial giving, and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming community.

The Sundance Association is much more than a listing of its projects would suggest. The contribution of the Sundance Association to the health of the greater LGBT community and the individuals within it cannot be overstated. All of the projects of the Sundance Association have a primary goal of developing a culture of welcoming inclusiveness. Attendees find there is no importance placed on attractiveness, dance ability, socio-economic status, age, race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, or any of a myriad of classifications that traditionally separate us. As a result, we host a wide cross-section of the LGBT+ community (e.g. ages 20s to 80s, men and women, cis and trans, gay and straight), who all mix together and dance with each other in a utopian environment that doesn't exist anywhere else.

The major projects of the Sundance Association normally include:

  • Sundance Saloon. Twice-weekly dance lessons and open country-western dancing featuring a variety of dance forms including two-step, waltz, east coast swing, west coast swing, line dancing, and more. 
  • The Sundance Stompede. An annual four-day country-western dance convention featuring four nights of large-scale dances and three days of educational dance workshops for all levels from beginning to advanced, attracting 700 people from all over the world.
  • The Sundance Bandits. A dance performance group comprised of interested attendees of Sundance Saloon.
  • Community events. The Sundance Association hosts country-western dance events in association with other organizations and festivals, broadening its reach in the general LGBT+ community. Examples include events at the San Francisco Pride celebration, the Castro Street Fair.
  • Community support. The Sundance Association assists with fundraising events for many other nonprofit organizations in San Francisco, and has helped raise over $430,000 over the past twenty years (examples: PRC, LGBT Asylum Project, Transgender Law Center, Openhouse).

Surviving the pandemic year. All of our regular projects were disrupted and put on hold by Covid-19. We had to be creative to continue providing opportunities for dancing, and for keeping our community together. Our new projects have included:

  • Sundance Saloon Online Live. Weekly live-streamed line dance lessons and dancing, with separate sessions for beginning and intermediate dancers. In April, 2021, we moved the broadcast from a garage to Sundance Saloon, and began accepting a limited number of live participants.
  • Sundance In The Park. Up to twice-weekly outdoor line dance events, with limited attendance as allowed by the ever-changing San Francisco health directives (currently 25). We have been fortunate to be able to dance in Golden Gate Park, Stern Grove, Union Square, and the Cruise Terminal Plaza at Pier 27. In May, 2021, we also have limited partner dancing for fully-vaccinated participants.
  • Sundance Community Composite Line Dance Videos. Participants submitted videos of themselves line dancing, and we assembled these into elaborate composite videos.
  • Virtual Stompede. Unable to host our annual four-day country-western dance extravaganza, we held a two-day virtual conference in September, 2020, with 24 hours of live-streamed dance instruction, a showcase of video dance exhibition performances, and live-streamed dance-a-long line dancing.

The Sundance Association survived the past year entirely through donations and the financial support of the community. As an all-volunteer organization, we have zero expenses for staff, and our administrative expenses (excluding insurance) are consistently less than 3% of our total expenses. While we hope we can open Sundance Saloon later this year, we still have no regular income from our usual admission fees, and we still must rely on donations to make ends meet.

We hope you will support us during this difficult time, so we can continue our community-building work, and so we're ready and able to dance together in celebration when that time comes. 

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