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VAVP originally began as a research project in 2006, with the help of Equality Virginia, which was focused on analyzing and addressing programs and services designed to provide support for lesbian and gay individuals who experienced hate crimes or violence in some form. The organization became its own entity in 2008 and has been serving LGBTQ+ Virginians since. There was no organization like Virginia Anti-Violence Project prior to that. To this day, VAVP is the sole direct service and advocacy resource organization in Virginia that specifically works to bring awareness to and prevent hate/bias motivated violence, intimate partner/sexual/dating violence, and/or stalking against and within LGBTQIA+ communities. The survivors and victims that the Virginia Anti-Violence Project Advocates serve often hold marginalized intersectional identities and typically don’t feel safe reaching out to mainstream service providers and/or systems. As a “for us, by us” community resource, we continue to respond to the growing number of hate/bias motivated acts of violence experienced by LGBTQ+ communities.

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