IGLA Championships 2021: Salt Lake City

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In May 2021, Salt Lake City will host the annual International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Championships.


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In May of 2021, Queer Utah Aquatic Club (QUAC) is hosting the annual International Gay & Lesbian Aquatic (IGLA) Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah - where masters athletes from all over the world will compete in the only international LGBTQ+ inclusive aquatics tournament.

IGLA originated in 1978 in San Diego, California, and was concurrently held with the second-ever Gay Games - a global LGBTQ+ athletic event that includes a larger range of sporting events: track & field,  ballgame sports, mat sports, racquet sports, and more! Since then, the competition has been held in cities all over the world like Berlin, Stockholm, Sydney, Reykjavik and Montreal. In February 2020, over 800 aquatic athletes competed and celebrated their athletic achievements in water polo, swimming, diving and synchronized swimming in Melbourne, Australia.  

Events like these can be very meaningful to the LBGTQ+ community, and especially for those from countries where people still face oppression for living their authentic lives. In 2016, a few of the competing teams, the IGLA Board, and a QUAC team member, made it possible for Ugandan swimmers  to participate in the tournament. In Uganda, same-sex sexual acts are still criminalized. In fact, just prior to the competition, two of the Ugandan swimmers were arrested and placed in jail for participating in a local Pride event. 

To make this event possible - and fabulous - QUAC asking for your helpful and very appreciated donations. Funds will be used for: 

  • Renting pool space 
  • Hiring officials, referees, and safety personnel for each of the events 
  • Securing transportation between the host hotel and the aquatic venues 
  • Obtaining insurance to protect the venues, swimmers and participating teams 
  • Helping those across the world participate in Salt Lake

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to QUAC to help make this event possible!

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