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Laguna Beach Beach Pride's Rainbow Lifeguard Tower of Diversity Memorial Plaque.


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The Rainbow Lifeguard Tower of Diversity is both an expression and a message of kindness and inclusion. One to bring people together as we celebrate our differences and the richness of our varied cultures.  

While the rainbow colors truly represent diversity and equality of all “colors”, more recently, it has been vilified as a symbol of perversion, pedophilia, and promoting activities against nature while assailing religious doctrine and beliefs.  

Recently, Huntington Beach legislated a ban on rainbow flags being displayed at any city office, on city property, or at any city-sponsored event. During the recent USA congressional budget bill that passed, a last-minute addendum was attached that forbids the rainbow flag from being displayed on any state office building worldwide. No longer will our embassies be allowed to raise the rainbow flag as a message to other nations of the USA’s support of diversity and equality for all citizens. In Russia, with an estimated LGBTQ population of 7.1 M, the rainbow flag has recently been fully criminalized and declared as extremist propaganda. Under Russian criminal law, a person found guilty of displaying extremist group symbols, AKA rainbows of all kinds, faces up to 15 days in detention for the first offense and up to four years in prison for a repeat offense. A Russian woman was recently sentenced to five days in jail for wearing rainbow earrings. Most all LBGTQ+ venues are closing, and LGBTQ+ organizations and social groups are abandoning their causes due to the new laws and the harassment and terrorism they embolden. 

In other nations, you can face execution for being LGBTQ, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Brunei, Nigeria, and Mauritania. In 68 nations, being LGBTQ is illegal, with various levels of fines and imprisonment.    

All things considered, it is important to send a clear message of love and acceptance. A message that says you are welcome in our community and that we value diversity and support equlaity for all! 

Please consider a donation so that we may send this message! 

Craig Cooley, President

Laguna Beach Pride 365

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