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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

Your support helps fund the legal name process for TGNC individuals in our community


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$7,500 goal

3 more days in the fundraiser. We have raised enough money for about 6 name changes, $2,380. Can we reach our goal of $7,500 by the end of the year? Thank you to everyone who has donated!

Update posted 3 years ago

Your gift to the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s Name Change Project will confirm that TGNC individuals have a legally recognized name matching their true-life experience. A legal name change is a critical component to TGNC clients having fair access to employment, housing, education, healthcare and social networks.

The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s Name Change Project is a fund and workshop that allows transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive community members to legally affirm their true names with the least amount of barriers. This process is often out of reach for many people because it is overly complicated and expensive. Many trans people carry their birth names around like a gift that no longer fits, like a painful burden of a person they aren’t anymore. Legally changing one’s name increases gender euphoria and it helps trans people see themselves as who they really are.

Alex Corona, the Center’s Transgender Program Coordinator created the Name Change Project after she experienced difficulties and setbacks in the process of her own legal name change. She identified the barriers, sought out knowledgeable community partners, and has been able to help dozens of community members affirm their true names legally in Wisconsin. Not only does the Center carefully explain and walk participants through every step of the Court process, we also raise money to cover the costs of the process completely. No more do trans people have to worry about the burden of their deadname or how they are going to pay for this legal process.

Currently, all the spots for the Name Change Project are full. The program has a wait list
of folks ready to take this affirming step. With your help, we can continue to offer
workshops and continue to support the lives of our trans community who often
face the most hardships and stigma. Will you donate to change someone’s life

Alex Corona (she/her)
Transgender Program Coordinator


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