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Help MassEquality continue fighting for our community as MA's leading grassroots LGBTQ organization.


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The past two years have been a time of transformation for MassEquality. Following a community needs assessment that identified regional inequities as a critical issue, we pivoted to focusing on geographic equality as a core tenet of our activism. Now, we’re beginning to see the first fruits of this initiative. In the past year, MassEquality has been more active than ever trying to make the dream of equality a reality all across our state. But our work is far from finished – and we need your help to fight for LGBTQ rights in MA.

We’ve also been dedicated to empowering our community directly by helping members take advantage of our past victories and developing political power. We’re proud of MassEquality’s past successes, like our two landmark trans anti-discrimination bills – but laws on the books are powerless if people can't use them. Through direct outreach calls, we’ve been help folks navigate these new laws to secure everything from healthcare to housing to equitable education. We’ve also worked hard to teach folks how to change these laws further. A particular highlight was our February Lobbying 101 panel, during which we started this current legislative session strong with a panel that provided activists with specific tools and advice on engaging legislators.

But our focus on local community issues hasn’t meant we’ve lost track of the broader movement or lowered our ambitions to make our state a worldwide leader on LGBTQ issues. Last fall, we partnered with the Canadian government to present a series of international LGBTQ activist panels, where we convened activists from across borders to discuss issues ranging from HIV/AIDS activism to transphobic violence. We’ve been actively involved in the national efforts to pass the Equality Act as part of the EqualityTime coalition. 

And our ambitious Massachusetts legislative agenda focuses on critical issues for our community, such as supporting LGBTQ parents’ legal rights, protecting incarcerated LGBTQ folks, and finally banning the gay/trans panic defense for once and for all. From expanding PrEP access to protecting LGBTQ seniors in long term care facilities, we’ve been advocating for bills that really matter to our community’s day-to-day lives.

In a year when anti-trans legislation has been filed across the country, MassEquality has been dedicated to ensuring that this tide of hate finds no place in Massachusetts. Even here in MA, we've had to fight against religious freedom bills in our own state house. We’re lobbying for legislation to recognize nonbinary gender identities and continue to use our voice to advocate for LGBTQ-inclusive and culturally-competent trans health care. We’re particularly dedicated to supporting trans youth, a frequent target for bigotry, and are spearheading efforts to access critical data on trans students in MA.

Now, we're turning to our community once again for support. From lobbying lawmakers on key issues, like LGBTQ parents' rights, to expanding our reach across Massachusetts, so equality isn't limited by geography, we can’t do it without you. Will you join us?

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